Baby It’s Cold Outside, Bring Your Pets Inside!

Keeping pets safe during times of extreme weather.


We all are aware of the dangers of extreme heat and the health of our pets. Just as you should not leave a pet in a scorching hot car in the summer, you do not want to leave a pet out in the extreme cold in the winter. Baby, it’s cold outside! Here are a few tips from us at The Pickles Project,  to keep your pets warm, safe and healthy!

Short and Sweet 

Extreme temperatures affect both the two-legged and four-legged variety of beings. Like us, they may not tolerate the bitter cold (or heat for that matter) for long periods. Do not walk longer than needed. Be sure to check your pet’s paws when you return home. Remove any ice, de-icer, and debris they may have acquired along the way!

Inside Voice

Frigid temperatures are the time to bring pets in. They need shelter as we do. If you can not bring them into your home, proper heated shelter MUST BE provided, although inside with you is optimal.

What’s your Poison

Did you know products such as Anti-Freeze are poisonous and can be deadly, even in small amounts? Be sure to keep pets clear of chemicals, and wipe their paws when they come in from a walk. We love Well and Good™ Pet Wipes.

Lost and Found 

We can never emphasize this enough; get your pets microchipped and be sure they are wearing a collar. Losing a pet can be a scary time for the pet and owner. With a few preventative measures, you can help to make retrieving your pet a possibility!

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Story and Photos- The Pickles Project


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