Yes, Pet Owners are Parents. Here’s Why



To some, those of us that do not have Human Children are discounted. Pet owners are not considered ‘parents’. I’m here to say, I beg to differ.

A pet can live upwards of 18 years. In human terms, we would be sending he or she off to College at that age.
Like with parenting human children, we are solely responsible for their welfare, health, socialization, training (their form of education) and much more. Animals, like children, are innocent, trusting beings, and they rely on us for their day to day needs.

In comparison, we are the parent of that animal. We ( like parents to children) are responsible for their safety and well-being, by showing compassion and nurturing them.

I, like many of my Pet (and human) Parent counterparts, take my job seriously. Our pets are living, breathing entities that deserve as much love and attention as a child. Therefore, we deserve the title of Pet Parents!

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